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      European and Polydactyl Maine Coon Kittens

Frequently Asked Questions


What is the price of your kittens? 

Our females start at $1695 and males start at $1995. 100% European lines and Polydactyls will be slightly more expensive.

Where are you located?

North of Bemidji about 1 hour. 


I accept deposits after the litter has arrived and is at least a week old. Once I have posted the announcement of the litter's arrival on my "available page", I will begin accepting deposits. No deposits are accepted until the litter has arrived. Deposits are $200.

Can I make payments towards my kitten after my deposit?


Yes I will accept payments toward your kitten via Paypal, but the balance in full must be paid before your kitten goes home with you.

When will I choose a kitten?

Kittens will be chosen by deposit holders first in the order deposit was placed after the litter has arrived. If there are kittens remaining after my deposit holders have chosen, then I will make them available to non-deposit holders. I will take photos at 6-8 weeks and let the selection process begin.  

Do you sell kittens with breeding rights?

No, I don't sell any kittens with breeding rights.  I never have and never will.  I would like all of my kittens to be LOVED pets! Buyers are required to spay/neuter their kitten no later than 12 months.  If buyer breeds one of my kittens, buyer will pay  monetary damages of $5000 to breeder and if an attorney is needed to collect the damages then buyer will be responsible for attorney's fees as well.  I won't tolerate dishonest buyers and will seek damages to the full extent. o

How old are the kittens when they go to their new homes?

The kittens are ready to go to their new homes at around 10 weeks.


What do the kittens come with?

All kittens leave our home with all age appropriate kitten vaccinations.  All kittens are wormed every 3 weeks since birth as well.  All documentation will provided for vaccinations and worming schedules in a medical booklet sent home with each kitten.  All kittens go home with food samples and toys.  All of my cats are registered and a copy of parent's registration is available upon request.

Do your cats/kittens live in your house?

Yes all of our cats and kittens live in our home.  Our cats and kittens are family to us.  They are hugged, kissed, and played with everyday.  They sleep on our beds and play with our 5 children. Even our males live in our home. They are used to everyday household noises, staircases, and are pre-exposed to our large dog.

Do you offer shipping?

I don't ship my kittens.  You will need to meet in Bemidji to pick up your kitten.  There is a local airport there as well and I can meet you there with your kitten if you fly in. I also work with a delivery driver that can deliver your kitten for $.55 cents per mile from Bemidji round trip.  


Where can I pick up my kitten?

You may pick up your kitten when your baby is ready at an arranged public place in the city of Bemidji.  Our cattery is our home and for the safety of our family, young children, and our cats and kittens, we don't allow tours of our home or casual visits.  This is also a preventative measure for the health of our young kittens that have not been vaccinated yet and had the chance to build immunity to something that could be carried in somebodies shoes or pieces of clothing.  This is a common practice among many catteries.  We are very sorry if this offends anybody, but this is our rules.  You can see how our cats and kittens live in our Family Photos page on my website.

Do you offer a Health Guarantee?

Yes we offer a one year health guarantee on all of our kittens. If your kitten were to die within the first year from a congenital defect proven by autopsy then a replacement kitten of equal value will be given at no charge.  We are not responsible for any vet bills and no refunds will be given.

Are your cats registered?  

Yes all of my breeder cats are registered and have impressive pedigrees.  

Do you offer Stud Service?

I offer stud service to health tested, disease and parasite free queens. Approved on a per basis situation. The queen must be appropriate age, health, and registered.

Healthy cats

All of our breeder cats are FIV/FELV negative and are non-carriers (N/N) of one of the common genes that is known to cause HCM (a heart disease that Maine Coons can get).  We have done our best to insure we have healthy breeders that produce healthy kittens.


If you place a deposit, then you agree to the following terms: 


I, the buyer, agree to physically, emotionally, and financially care for this new baby kitten.  The cats/kittens in the breeder's home are treated like family and she asks that you treat them the same way. If I can no longer provide the above support then I will contact the breeder and ask for her help placing the kitten elsewhere.  While the breeder cannot guarantee she can find a home for you new baby, she will definitely try and ask that you contact her before placing your cat in any type of shelter.  The breeder doesn't allow cats to be brought back into her home after leaving for the safety of her own cats, but will gladly help try to place your cat if need be.

All cats are sold as pets and must be spayed or neutered within 12 months.  The cat/kitten will not be bred or used for breeding purposes. The buyer agrees to spay or neuter.  Breeder will provide copies of Parent's registration with each kitten or at buyer's request.  If buyer does breed kitten/cat purchased from our cattery, the buyer will pay $5000 in monetary damages per litter to breeder and if an attorney is needed to collect those damages, buyer  is responsible for attorneys fees and costs. Dishonest buyers will not be tolerated.

I agree not to declaw my cat. My cat will be an indoor cat and not be allowed to roam freely outdoors.  I will only allow my cat outdoors under controlled circumstances, such as on a leash.

If for some reason your kitten were to die from a congenital defect within the first year and it is proved by autopsy to be a congenital defect, then breeder will replace the kitten with a kitten of equal value to buyer.  No refunds will be given and breeder is not responsible for vet bills.      

Preparing for Baby!

I have been feeding your kitten canned Fancy Feast Kitten or any Fancy Feast Classic pate flavor.  Just make sure it is Fancy Feast kitten or the Classic, both are a pate'.  No gravies or flakes.  Your kitten is also eating hard food:  Iams Kitten.  Please continue to feed your kitten the same I have been feeding for at least a month and then slowly switch if you are wanting to change. I feed the canned food morning and night and have an endless bowl of the hard food out at all times and of course fresh water every day. 

Your kitten is used to standard clay litter (non clumping version) and a litter box with no domes or lids until baby is older.  I would recommend getting baby all set up with food, water, and litterbox in one room of your house to begin with, so he/she is not overwhelmed.  If you are not able to do that, make sure to carry baby to the litterbox every few hours the first day so they learn where the litterbox is.  All the baby kittens are litterbox trained when they are about 4 weeks old , but will be lost in their new homes and will need a little guidance. 

I am currently feeding Iams Healty Kitten and Fancy Feast Kitten or Fancy Feast Classic. I feed both wet and dry. I leave out an endless bowl of the hard food and water at all times. I also give the soft food twice daily on a little plate off to the side of the hard food. I clean the soft food plate everyday and toss away soft food if uneaten after 24 hours.

Your kitten may be scared and a little shy the first week.  That is perfectly normal, just make sure to spend lots of time with him/her.  New home, smells, sights, sounds.......a little stressful on baby to make the big move! 

If you are coming from a greater distance than 5 hours to pick up your kitten, I would bring a small litterbox so baby can use it on the way.  Your kitten probably won't need it, but just in case.  Also.....it is possible your new little one could get a little car sick.  Doesn't happen always, but kittens are definitely prone to it and he/she could throw up. Stress and car motion don't always go good together.  Just something to be aware of, nothing to worry about though. 

Your kitten will come with toys, food, up to date vaccinations and wormings and documention of these in their own medical booklet.  

I will accept Paypal, Venmo, Cash or Cashier's check as final payment when you pick up your kitten.   You may pay with personal check, but it must be done two weeks in advance to pickup. 

I reserve the right to refuse the sale of a kitten to anyone I don't feel is a good fit for one of our babies.